Community Benefits Agreement Ratification

Chief and Council have provided direction that the Community Benefit Agreement (CBA) that has been negotiated with Generation PGM for the Marathon Palladium Mine can be taken to BN membership for consideration through a ratification vote process involving meetings and online voting.

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About our Community

We are a progressive First Nation with strategic visioning, growth, prosperity and culture that find balance in the modern era of Anishnaabe life with the traditional value of their ancestors.

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The Anishnaabe (Ojibway) of Biigtigong Nishnaabeg have lived, worked and existed on the lands off the shores of Chi-gamig (Lake Superior) and the inlands of the northern superior region since time immemorial.

Biigtigong Nishnaabeg is translated to “the place where the river erodes” and describes the unceded lands for which the community is located. A progressive First Nation with strategic visioning, growth prosperity and cultural traditions that strive to find balance in the modern era of the Anishnaabe while honoring the traditional values of their ancestors.


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