Community Gatherings

Community gatherings are an integral piece of the social interaction and intergenerational transmission of knowledge to all members. There are specific large gatherings listed below that happen annually in Biigtigong. They are utilized as both a social connection and educational components to continue our way of life for the next generations. Each event is designed to build the connection to the land in our traditional territory.

Annual Traditional Powwow
Biigtigong hosts their annual traditional powwow the 2nd weekend in July of each year. It’s a time when ceremonies are honored, past times cherished and families can get together to celebrate and dance. The powwow welcomes all dancers and visitors.

Annual Community Moose Camp
Each year, after the full moon in September, the community will gather at selected spots within our traditional territory for the moose hunt. Moose is a significant cultural value and food source. It is a time of social gathering, intergenerational transmission of traditional knowledge and ceremony teachings.

Annual Fish Camp
In early Spring, before the biigtig (river breaks), the annual Fish Camp is held. Members of the community will set nets in the lake to bring fish to camp at the mouth of the Pic River. The camp allows for teaching the next generations the traditional knowledge and science aspects of a very significant part of their traditional foods.