Language Revitalization

Language Revitalization is a vital component for the First Nation that started many years ago. Since that time, Biigtigong was able to develop an accessible online dictionary comprised of the Biigtigong specific dialect.


Values of Language

Our Children
for the hope and inspiration they bring to our lives by blessing us with the sound of our language.

Our Elders
for their wisdom, knowledge and openness to share their teachings and our stories with us.

Our Youth
for your creativity, innovation and for teaching us about the ways of your world.

Our Parents
for always looking to the future and making decisions in the best interest of our children.

Our Staff
for your vision, commitment and ability to develop implementation plans to ensure successful programs. Your hard work is acknowledged.

Our Community
Miigwetch for helping us to create a vision for our people and our future generations. Your on-going support and feedback is always appreciated and welcomed.