Biigtigong Nishnaabeg is governed by a Chi-Nakinagewin (the Great Law or Constitution) which was ratified in 2015 by the First Nation. This is the foundation of the laws that will be developed in the coming years to assert jurisdiction within our community and within our ancestral lands. Currently, BN operates under the Indian Act legislation as we work towards self-government and maintaining our sovereignty.


Biigtigong is very excited about the start of the reconstruction of our Aadsokaanan (our Sacred Stories). It is our intention to identify our sacred stories and characters based on the information left by our elders and those who still carry this information. Our Aadsokaanan contains important information regarding our philosophy and world view. These will become major pillars and foundations of our work moving forward.

Anyone interested in participating in this process are more than welcome to help in this process. Community members are encouraged to be a part of this important and exciting project.

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