Biigtigong Annual Moose Hunt 2020


The 2020 Biigtigong Annual Moose camp will certainly be different this year. Under the present circumstances, the usual community camp style can not take place and we are recommending the following:

  • Families should head out in the bush as a core hunting units within their social bubble.
  • The school will be taking the older students out on the day hunting excursions.
  • Staff working for the band who want to go harvesting during the week of Sept 28 – Oct 2 with their families must make arrangements with their Department Managers. We are allocating up to 2 days to allow for staff to participate in the harvesting activities.
  • Any hunters who wish to contribute a moose to the community moose harvest, please register with the Lands office. Information below.
  • A tent will be set up across from the Lands Building during the week of Sept 28 – Oct 2 for the cutting, wrapping and distribution to members such as elders, families unable to go out hunting and the Health Centre food reserve. Any elders or community members wanting to assist in the moose prep tents are asked to sign up with Lands. There will be a limit to the amount of people in and out of the tents. Masks will be mandatory in the tent.
  • Distribution of the packaged moose meat will take place from 1pm to 3pm on October 5th at the tent. Only one member of the household should come. Masks and social distancing required. Please let elders and families unable to hunt to pick up first. Reminder about distribution will be put out closer to the date.


Hunters who participate in the annual moose hunt and are willing to provide moose to the program, can sign up by contacting Florinda at or by calling 229-8900 Ext 223 before September 25th. Hunters who participate will be provided with a gas voucher (limited quantities so sign up early). Hunters who successfully provide a moose will be honored with a thank you gift.

Moose Prep Tent Helpers

Any community member who like to volunteer in the moose prep tents can sign up by contacting or by calling 229-8900 Ext. 223 by September 25th. Schedule will be determined by when and how many moose brought in.