Assisted Living & Non-insured Health Benefits Coordinator

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Job title: Assisted Living & Non-insured Health Benefits Coordinator
Department: Health
Employment status: One Year Contract
Posting Date: January 17th, 2024
Closing Date: January 30th, 2024 @ 12:00pm

Job Summary:
The Assisted Living Program/ Non-Insured Health Benefits Coordinator is responsible to complete scheduling for the Home and Community Care workers, reconcile timesheets, and act as the first line of contact for the HSW and PSW staff. The Assisted Living Program/ Non-Insured Health Benefits Coordinator will oversee the operations of the Home and Community Care HSW’s and PSW’s.

Preferable skills & Qualifications:

A successful candidate must possess the following:

  • Two-year post-secondary diploma in a secretarial field, or
  • A secondary school diploma combined with relevant experience and proven abilities appropriate to this position;
  • Demonstrated technical skills such as proficiency in Microsoft Office including Word, Excel and Power Point;
  • Previous experience in scheduling;
  • Previous experience with data entry;
  • Knowledge of the Non-Insured Health Benefits Program;
  • First Aid and CPR Certificate;
  • Clean Criminal Reference Check;
  • A Valid Class “G” Driver’s License.

Summary of Duties & Responsibilities:

Assisted Living Coordination

  • Ensure Complete scheduling for the Home Support Worker and Personal Support Worker staff
  • Use client/coordinator made care plan to schedule patients in appropriate hours
  • Provide assistance to HSW or PSW as needed to complete time sheets accurately
  • Sign timesheets and submit to payroll clerk after time sheets have been reconciled and discrepancies have been corrected
  • Respond to client inquiries regarding services;
  • Respond and clarify the service they are receiving
  • Act as the front line contact for HSW and PSW staff to the Home and Community Care Program

Non-Insured Health Benefits Program (NIHB)

  • Receive inquiries from community members regarding the Non-Insured Health Benefits program Provide direction to Pic River First Nation community members on access to Non-Insured Health Benefits
  • Act as an advocate for Pic River First Nation community members when accessing the Non-Insured Health Benefit program
  • Conduct community information sessions on the Non-Insured Health Benefits program through various methods; website, newsletters, focus groups, health fairs, pamphlets


  • Participate and contribute regularly in Accreditation meetings
  • Conducts monthly building maintenance checks as per Replacement of Old Equipment Policy
  • Records monthly inspections of equipment in building maintenance binder
  • Regularly participate in the Accreditation process and is aware of the Medical Van driver’s role as it pertains to ongoing quality improvement and Accreditation.

Privacy & Security

  • Privacy & Security Implementation Workbook
  • Work with Mustimuhw, cEMR (Community Electronic Medical Records)
  • Ensure Confidentiality & Acceptable Use Acknowledgements, to be signed by all staff, yearly.
  • Review/teach staff about Privacy & Security Policies

Perform other duties as required

How to apply:
Please forward a cover letter, resume and three professional references by email to


Angela Boudreau Director of Finance and Administration at the address below

P.O. Box 193, Via Heron Bay,

Ontario P0T 1R0

Phone (807) 229-1749 Fax (807) 229-1944

Incomplete applications WILL NOT be considered & WILL automatically be screened out