Private Property

KI LTD. is the registered owner of the property shown shaded on the reverse Property Index Map from the Land Titles Office produced by Teranet for the Province of Ontario, being Lot 14 Concession I and the South Half of Lot 13 and South Half of Lot 14 Concession II in the Township of Pic.

This is private property.

Roads on the property are private, not public, roads.

The owner of KI LTD. is BIIGTIGONG NISHNAABEG First Nation, as represented by its duly elected Chief and Council.

The property is held for the exclusive use and benefit of members of the BIIGTIGONG NISHNAABEG First Nation.

Entry on the property by persons other than such members of the First Nation, is considered a trespass.

Any and all persons entering on the property for any purpose do so at their own risk.