Notice to the community

From August 14th-18th 2020, the Upper Great Lakes Management Unit will be conducting fisheries assessment work (Offshore Fish Community Index Netting) offshore of the community. Please note that the Superior Explorer vessel will be visible from waters adjacent to the community and the gills nets will be highly visible and marked.

Information about Offshore Fish Community Index Netting:

  • It’s a program to monitor the health (abundance, size, length, distribution) of the commercially exploited fish species (Cisco, Lake Whitefish, Lake Trout and others),
  • It provides information about the strength of the year classes associated with the commercial exploited species
  • These are randomly selected bottom net sets at varying depths (aim to set 24 nets in this location as long as weather cooperates)
  • It also collects information about the entire fish community

If you have any questions or concerns, contact Fritz Fischer, Assessment Supervisor, at 1-807-631-6354 or by email at