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On November 24, 2016, the official ground braking ceremony took place to begin the construction of the new Biigtigong Mno-zhi-yaawgamig (Health Centre). Completion of the HC is expected later in 2017.



The Biigtigong Nishnaabeg Mno-zhi-yaawgamig (formerly known as the Pic River Health Centre) is a Federally funded, community based program. The Program focuses mainly on health promotion and prevention strategies. The community signed a Health Transfer Agreement with the Medical Services Branch of Health & Welfare Canada in May of 1997. This agreement allows for increased autonomy in determining what types of health care services are required to meet the needs of community members.

Through the Health Centre, a variety of staff are employed and work in conjunction with other programs within the community such as Recreation, Social Services, Family Support & Personal Support Worker Program. The program focuses mainly on health promotion and prevention strategies with minor treatment also provided.




The Health Services Administration Program is responsible for overseeing the operation of the Health Centre & it’s programs. Administration personnel are responsible for the management of health programs & the supervision of Health Program staff, and operate as part of the Pic River First Nation’s Senior Management Team. Administration duties include management of financial & human resources, strategic planning, involvement in regional & national health care issues & maintenance of internal infrastructure.

Programs included under the management mandate of the Health Program include:

  • Community Nursing Program
  • Drug & Alcohol Prevention Program
  • NIHB Processing Program
  • Home & Community Care Program
  • Medical Transportation Program
  • Aboriginal Head Start Program

Contact:   Erica Perkins, Health and Social Services Director        (807)  229-1836    EXT 603



Mno-zhi-yaawgamig Staff                                  (807) 229-1836                           EXT

Reception                                                                                                             ‘0’ or 601

Erica Perkins                           Director, Health and Social Services                        603

Joyce Harasym                        Addictions Worker                                                    604

Melodie Touchette                   Home and Community Care                                     605

Alma Wells                               Social Services Supervisor                                       606

Tammi Shaw                            Diabetes Coordinator                                                607

Doctor’s Office                                                                                                            608

Shelly Michano                         Community Health Nurse                                          609

Vanessa Nabigon                     Home Visiting Nurse                                                  610

Valerie Desmoulin                    Assistant – Personal Care & Assisted Living             611

                                                  Family Support Worker                                              612


After Hours Medical Van Contact:   Howard  (228-0924)    Bruce  (228-3524)