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2020-03-30 Phase 2 Information Sheet

2020-03-30 Community Zoning

COVID-19 By-Laws (Biigtigong Nishnaabeg)

2020 BN COVID19 By-Law

Memos to Community

2020-04-04 Notice to Community (re) Easter Holiday Groceries Zone Amendments

2020-04-03 Memo From Health Re: Medical Transportation

2020-04-03 Memo to Community re: Fire Ban

2020-04-04 Notice to Community (re) Purchasing of alcohol and legal substances

2020-03-28 Letter to Community Re: APS Enforcement

2020-04-04 Memo to Community (re) Self Monitoring - Self Quarantine - Self Isolation

2020-04-01 Re: Groceries, Deliveries and Zones

2020-03-23 BN State of Emergency

2020-03-25 FAQ

2020-03-31 Letter from Council Re: Support of Emergency Response Team


The restricted access gate in the Biigtigong is officially up as of March 24, 2020. These measures were put in place as a preventative measure to protect our First Nation against threat of COVID19.


Phased Approach for the Restricted Access to Biigtigong

**Miigwetch for visiting www.picriver.com. In the coming weeks you will notice changes and removal of sections of the current website as we prepare to launch a newly re-designed community website. We are very excited to launch this new site in 2020 which will include a community members portal for access to even more information. Please check back for more updates. **



Pukaskwa National Park

08:00 AM EDT 15 August 2012
Wind (knots) ENE 4 Air temperature (°C) 10
Conditions N/A Relative humidity (%) 99
Visibility (km) N/A Dew point temperature (°C) 9
Pressure and tendency (kPa) 101.3 Humidex / Wind Chill --
Sunrise 6:38 EDT Sunset 21:00 EDT