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The Chief and Council of the Pic River First Nation operates under a Portfolio system in order to provide effective services to the membership. The following represents the purpose behind the implementation of a portfolio system:

a. To provide the linkage and communication systems between the membership, Council and First Nation Administration; and,
b. To utilize the expertise and experience of individual Councilors to assist in the delivery of quality services; and,
c. Provide an opportunity for individual Councilors to increase their knowledge of specific areas; and,
d. Provide program support, including input from the membership and/or Council as a whole.

Guiding Principals

The Chief and Council will adhere to the following guidelines for the purpose of carrying out the assigned duties of specific portfolios:

a. Reduce the risk of political interference in program management.
b. Council will not get involved in the day to day activities of the program.
c. Council will not act as a Supervisor of Program Managers; all concerns regarding personnel will be directed to the Band Manager.
d. Portfolio holders will not be responsible for Program finances; financial control over program dollars are the responsibility of the Manager.
e. Portfolio holder will be responsible to become knowledgeable of the Program's policies and procedures and ensure these are adhered to.
f. Ensure they have sufficient technical knowledge of their portfolio to allow for effective decision making and support.
g. Support the portfolio system and direct concerns to appropriate person(s).
h. Support Committee's and Sub-Committees as established by Council, as related to the assigned portfolio.
i. As required, act as an advisor to the Program Manager of the assigned portfolio.