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  • The Family Support Worker (FSW) will provide one on one counseling with clients. This can be mental health issues, family matters, parenting and other struggles in the daily life.
  • The FSW will do school programs on topics like bullying, peer pressure, conflict resolution and self-esteem. This includes programs like  "Second Step" which start  from Early Childhood up to grade 8. More in dept information about this program can be found at:
  • The 50 Plus group is facilitated by the FSW and they meet on Tuesdays and Thursdays from 1:15pm to around 3:15pm at the Endaazhi Maajidnaanwong (Recreation Centre). 
  • As the band representative, the FSW will go with Dilico on home visits whenever possible and take part in case conferences. The band representative also acts as an advocate for people involved with Dilico and child welfare. 
  • FSW does advocacy on behalf of clients in matters concerning their rights to a decent place to live and income. They also complete referrals to other agencies whenever needed and do after care with clients.
  • FSW will gp on home visits to elders and shut-ins to provide emotional support, counseling and friendly visiting.