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Robert Starr
General Manager

Robert Starr is responsible for managing Pic River Development Corporation and its staff.

Jason Burton
IT Manager

Jason Burton is responible for maintaining the internet systems in Pic River First Nation. Jason Burton's other jobs include computer sales, repair and consulting. Jason Burton is always looking for a way to bring a new technology and to provide corporate type services without the customer base of a larger community. Due to the growth of this department and support from the community we were able to bring on an assistant.

Sean Genno
IT Assistant

Sean Genno is responsible for maintaining computers around Pic River. Sean Genno also assists Jason Burton with computer sales, the internet sytstem and also the cable system.

Jolene Michano
Office Administration

Jolene Michano is responsible for the fire fighting program as well as handling the customer billing accounts. 

Edna Fisher

Edna Fisher is responsible for cleaning the cable office and internet office.