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The First Nation Capital/Housing Program will continue to implement programs under the following:

Direct Lending
A member interested in homeownership can access up to $125,000 to build a home. The application will be made directly through a Bank, and the approval is solely based on their own credit record and payment history. The First Nation Capital/Housing program can make available subsidies to support such an application.

Canada Mortgage and Housing Corporation (CMHC)
The CMHC offers programs to assist First Nation communities with housing programs that can be accessible by their membership. Pending the requirements of the membership, the membership can make application through the First Nation Capital/Housing program for the following programs.

Section 95
Allows for the construction of housing units based on the application of the First Nation to assist in the design and implementation of housing units geared for member first nation. The program comes with the condition that the First Nation obtains a Ministerial Guarantee from the Indian and Northern  Affairs Canada to secure a housing loan for construction of units. By securing loans for construction, the First Nation makes a commitment to offer units to its First Nation whereby members do agree to make a commitment in fulfilling the obligations made for such a loan. Once the loan is paid in full, the First Nation member will be offered the opportunity to apply for ownership for that particular unit.

Section 10
Allows First Nation members to go directly to CMHC for programming with the support of the First Nation Capital/Housing program to secure ownership of their own housing unit. This program requires support of a lending institution and the Ministerial Guarantee requirements as identified in the previous mentioned program. Member First Nation does have access to the subsidy program provided by the First Nation program.

Other Programs
The First Nation Capital/Housing programs maintains an open mind for new concepts as identified by the First Nation members.

Renovation And Repair Programs

The First Nation Capital/Housing program does provide support and services for the improvement of their current housing stock. However, due to the lack of sufficient funding, members will be encourage and directed to utilize direct banking for their implementation of plan. Subsidies and program support will be reviewed on an individual basis. Refer to proper literature found with the First Nation Capital/Housing department.





The applicant must make all requests for a housing application in written format to the attention of the Pic River First Nation Capital/Housing Program.

When the First Nation Capital/Housing program receives the written request from the applicant, a formal application form will be forwarded to the applicant within two weeks or 10 working days.

The outgoing application, the First Nation Capital/Housing Program must be postmarked within the 10 working days.


Once receipt of the completed application, the First Nation Capital/Housing Program will recorded the application as received;

The completed application will be forward to the Capital/Housing Committee who will review and score the application based on the scoring points established.

By scoring the application, the applicant will be put on the Housing Priority List.