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The applicant must make all requests for a housing application in written format to the attention of the Pic River First Nation Capital/Housing Program.

When the First Nation Capital/Housing program receives the written request from the applicant, a formal application form will be forwarded to the applicant within two weeks or 10 working days.

The outgoing application, the First Nation Capital/Housing Program must be postmarked within the 10 working days.


Once receipt of the completed application, the First Nation Capital/Housing Program will recorded the application as received;

The completed application will be forward to the Capital/Housing Committee who will reviewed and score the application based on the scoring points established.

By scoring the application, the applicant will be put on the Housing Priority ListPlease Contact Housing for more information

at the Band Office

Housing/Capital Housing Manager
78 Pic River Rd.
Box 193
Pic River First Nation, ON
P0T 1R0

Hours of Operation:
8:30am to 4:30pm Monday to Friday

Garland Moses - Housing/Capital Housing Manager