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Pic River Private High School began in 1993 as an Alternative Education Program that was contracted to Rainy Lake Ojibway Education Authority. At this time, a teacher and a teacher aide assisted students in independent studies from 9:00am to 3:00pm. In June of 1995, there were 6 graduates from this program. In September of 1995, Pic River began managing the program themselves and became licensed as a Private High School.

The first year as Pic River Private High School, 1996 saw 4 graduates. Our next graduating year was in 1998 with 6 graduates. Throughout these years, PRPHS has assisted Pic River students graduating from Marathon High School in obtaining any course required to graduate that they could not receive from that school. In 1999, we had 1 graduate. Out numbers increased and in June of 2000, there were 5 graduates.

In September of 1998, PRPHS began offering in class instruction in addition to independent studies. This was in addition to extending our school to include four satellite schools in Pic Mobert, Ginogaming, Long Lake #58, and Aroland First Nations. Our agreement with I.N.A.C., each First Nation and M.O.E. come to a close this June.

The 2000/2001 school year PRPHS has been successful. We have approximately 20 students working full time on their high school education and 17 more working on a part time basis. We have many more students registered working on their own time frame. Of these students, we anticipated 9 graduates for 2001 but ended up having 12 graduates by June of that year. This means a total of 30 students have graduated from the High School in Pic River First Nation.

Some students attend Marathon High School, which is located in Marathon, Ontario. As of September 2001, a total of 39 students were enrolled with Marathon High School. Pic River First Nation has hired a student counselor from Pic River who works out of an office at Marathon High School. The counselor offers a variety of student support services which include personal counseling, attendance counseling, career counseling, monitoring of students progress, liaison with parents, liaison with Marathon High School staff, liaison with the Pic River First Nation Community



Teacher - Doug Vollett

Doug has worked with the Pic River First Nation as a teacher since November of 1990 but has only been working at the Pic River Private High School for the last few years. Earlier on he has dedicated his time and energy working for the Pic River Elementary School as the Grade 3 and 4 Teacher as well as the senior class teacher. Doug enjoys working with the students and feels proud of the work he has done when his students graduate and move on to a higher education.

Student Services - Carol Twance

She works with the post secondary program as well as Marathon High School. 


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