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Recycling at the roadside... as easy as 1-2-3

Place recyclables in a see-through (clear or blue) plastic bags at the roadside. The contractor cannot go into yards.
Bag #1 - Containers - metal food and beverage containers, pop cans, aluminum foil, #1 PET and #2 HDPE plastic bottles (check the bottom of the container for the symbol), tetrapacks (ie. juice boxes) and milk cartons.
Bag #2 - Fibre - newspapers, flyers, magazines, catalogues, soft cover books, fine paper, paper egg cartons, box board (ie. cereal boxes, paper towels rolls). NO styrofoam or boxes with wax lining (ie. soap boxes)
#3 - Cardboard - cardboard bundles (3'x2'x1' or 90 cm x 60 cm x 30 cm), broken down flat and tied. Includes clean pizza boxes. 

*Please ensure your recycling is placed roadside by 8:30 am of pick up day.